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Sophisticated Selection of Cells in Excel

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Sophisticated Selection of Cells in Excel

Simple Excel utility to select cells according to various criteria. Supported options: text, font, alignment, padding, borders, size, cell protection...

Excel application itself provides search/selection of cells, but search options are extremely limited. Enter search criteria is difficult and the results of selection often do not correspond with the facts of the sheet.

This utility provides easy to understand diverse
setting criteria
and subsequently correct cells selection
specified worksheet.
  • a wide range of support request
  • each criterion can be freely adjusted
  • reference cell and searched area may be in different workbooks and sheets
  • the opportunity to view several of selected sections

- without installation


Run file Selection_of_cells.xlsm and file/files, in which you need to enter the reference cell and the search area.

In utility is necessary to define the reference cell by which are selected searched cells. Reference cells can be defined by entering the workbook and worksheet cells or worksheet where the given reference cell is located, and marking the selected cell, and then press Ctrl+E.

Furthermore, it is necessary to define the search area, either by selecting the workbook, sheet and area bounded by the upper left and lower right cell, or a specific (active) sheet by marking the field and press Ctrl+R.

After entering any criteria using button Start it is possible to search relevant cells in the desired area.

Application without setting the reference cell and searched area in particular (active) sheet Specific (active) sheet - a sheet in which are cells searched Labeling of reference cell (e.g. cell M22) in particular (active) sheet The reference cell can be specified in the application manually or automatically by pressing CTRL+E The specified reference cell, by which are searched (selected by) other cells Return to the worksheet, which will searched relevant cells. This may be the same sheet, in which the reference cell is located. Identification of the searched area Continuous searched area can be specified in the application manually or automatically by pressing CTRL+R Selected searched area, in which are searched (selected) cells Marking criteria, which will searched individual cells. E.g. Text - Without text and Fill - Background Color After pressing Start button found 54 relevant cells Founded, selected (marked) cells Collective modification selected cells
Planned improvements to the next version
  • assignment specifications in inversion - e.g. selection of cells that have a different color of the text than the reference cell
  • selection of cells with any visible text
  • separation upper and lower case letters
  • selection of the value of any formula or specific formula
  • various operations with values (value larger, smaller ... than the reference value)
  • assignment of colors and styles for each line borders
  • selection of cells with defined note
  • selection of cells in several sheets at the same time
Product detail

January 3, 2015





Product type

excel utility


MS Office 2007 and above


Win 11 / 10 / 8 / 7 / Vista / XP




Visual Basic for Applications (VBA)


XLSM file


excel utility, criteria for selection of cells, search cell


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