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DB_Edit - Database Editor

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DB_Edit - Database Editor

Quick database editor, designed especially for professionals dealing with massive data processing, but also for "laymen" who with the use of information in databases come together.

DB_Edit provides complete information about the data file, will scan the data in the "Browse" or "record" supports editing of individual log entries, add a new record, indicating deletion or activation record, physical deletion of marked list, search for a particular string by following items or whole, export data to text files, special import-export functions, editing and sorting functions, convert code pages, modifying the structure of the data set and many other useful features.

Program DB_Edit can process data of DBF files,
created in dBase database programs, FoxPro, Clipper,
including data memo files DBT and FPT.
  • restoration of broken data file
  • automatic recording of the record with a jump to the defined items
  • viewing memo items
  • setting constant items of complete review
  • side shift of the complete report by page
  • search for a text string by following items
  • inverse indication deletion/activating of all records
  • function Pack - physical deletion of marked records in the active data file
  • automatic recording of configuration file "db_edit.cfg" with saved setting last 24 data files
  • special import-export functions
  • jump to the next "deleted" record
  • automatic indication of deletion
  • copy a block of records stored at the end of the data file
  • setup - define the structure of the data file
  • special editing functions
  • special sorting records
  • check the consistency of data file
  • export of certain items and certain records
  • transfer data file into other code pages
  • fast export of active record to txt file
  • optimization item - calculation of maximum value of item
version 7.8
DB_Edit application was designed for the operating system MS DOS.
It is now possible to use the DOS emulator.
Great utility for owners of newer operating systems Windows 7, 8, 10 is DOSBox 0.74

Special Features of Database Editor DB_Edit - special.txt


- without installation


Data files in the DBF editor opens parametrically, e.g. command line - db_edit.exe data.dbf

Reference Guide with key for the database editor DB_Edit.


Virtual Gallery

Basic data display - Browse Items of data file Rename item Data display - Record Record editing Record autoediting Jump to record / item Edit new record. Save damaged data! - Insert a new blank record :) Searching Function - Pack SETUP - changing the structure of data file Changing the structure of data file Changing the structure of data file - info Filter setup Data display - filter Export-Import functions Editing functions Editing cycle Editing cycle - step Editing cycle - text Consistency check Sorting data Convert code pages Clipboard Export to text file Info Info - Help Info - Help The top bar shows different pointers of active views and features Monochrome display End the program
Product detail

November 27, 2016
(Start:  October 12, 1995)





Product type

database editor


Win XP
Win 11 / 10 / 8 / 7 / Vista - in emulation




EXE file
DBF file
TXT file


data, database, database editor, dBase, FoxPro, Clipper


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