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Graphical application to view the video material in animated form.

The application was processed in 2001 with Flash technology, which at that time fundamentally changed the Internet sites.

Flash export files in two basic formats: SWF and EXE.
  • shift visual material in the main graphics window
  • different scaling of view
Flash is a vector graphics program, that is used primarily for the production
mostly web interactive animations.
Adobe Flash
The resulting files are stored in vector format.
Flash has implemented its own object-oriented programming language ActionScript,
which is used for the enrichment of processed animation.

Flash application - Nižná Myšľa 1270-2002

There are also source files of this application that contains the file mysla.fla and source images mysla.jpg.

The source file can be processed in Adobe Flash Professional, which development environment offers many advanced features for working with animation and integration with the Adobe software suite.


- without installation


The application may with using the mouse (press the left button and shift) completely move image in the main graphics window.

There are various shortcuts, that appear at the bottom of the section Info by pressing the graphic button ABOUT or pressing A key.

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