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Queen - Learning of Foreign Language

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Queen - Learning of Foreign Language

Effective universal tutorial of foreign languages for all ages and different skill levels. Difficulty of course depend on user.

Queen provides services based on vocabulary testing, phrases and sentence patterns. It works as a viewer.

Alpha and omega of the foreign language
is rich vocabulary.

Program Queen does not record percentage of success, or does not requires exact spelling of word phrase. It does not contain any music or some amazing graphical environment. It's a simple program, but with amazing flexibility and functionality, working in a familiar Norton environment.

This program is, as to the foreign language, universal. This means that it can be loaded with the words data files of any foreign language. Users can create English-French dictionary, Spanish-Italian, or any other. Everything depends only on him.

  • vocabulary, sentence patterns
  • filters naming - Chapters
  • Beep signaliz√°cia
  • pronunciation blocking
  • shortened mode - the result is not shown
  • indication of repaired record
  • manual or automatic shift of next object (word)
  • 5 speed of automatic feeding
  • function UNDO - jump to the previous object (word)
  • different types of serving
  • repetition of the object (word)
  • display of difficulty
  • setting multiplying of deceleration of automatic feed
  • parametric application settings
  • recording user activity to the log file
  • Parental Control
version 5.1
Queen application was designed for the operating system MS DOS.
It is now possible to use the DOS emulator.
Great utility for owners of newer operating systems Windows 7, 8, 10 is DOSBox 0.74

- without installation

Here are available different data files for the application Queen (english-slovak version):


The program works with DBF data files, that can be created in the database programs dBase, FoxPro, Clipper, etc.

Data files are in triplicate.
The first data set contains verbal expressions, in the second are sentence patterns. The third file contains name of each filter.

DBF data file, is opened in Queen parametrically, e.g. in command line - queen.exe ds_slova.dbf

Further information is contained in the file queen.txt

Reference Guide with keyboard shortcuts for Queen.

Standard display A summary of available filters - Chapters Testing - words Testing - sentence patterns Exit program
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July 19, 2016
(Start:  November 10, 1996)





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Win XP
Win 10 / 8 / 7 / Vista - in emulation




EXE file
DBF file
TXT file

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foreign language, teaching, vocabulary testing, sentence patterns


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