Mastermind (WinLogic) - logical game for all age categories
Graphic Theme for AdminerEvo
Memory Game (card game) - entertainment and medication for memory failure
Sophisticated selection of cells in Excel defined by various criteria - Exclusive feature
Universal virtual gallery for the presentation of visual and textual material
Children's cards with fairy-tale theme
Partitioning columns and rows in Excel without changes in edited sheet - Exclusive feature
Fan – number of unique crosswords and puzzles
Graphic - others


On this website I offer to download different kind of materials
from area of programming and graphics

Many times become, that some application or functionality for me was unsatisfactory or almost none and that was impulse for creating various of programs, utilities, tools or graphic solutions...

In spectrum of this portfolio are applications, where was used different kind of technologies, programming languages and graphics technique, like e.g. HTML, CSS, JavaScript, PHP, MySQL, VBA, C++, Java, vector and raster graphic, ...

But I think it´s not important which technologie was used for completing the product.
Important is to be helpful...

I hope, that my "creation" make happy and help wide spectrum of users and I am confident that, this range of products will, even thanks to your support ;) still grow.

Thank you.
Memory Game (card game) - online
Memory Game (card game) - online
Theme for AdminerEvo
Theme for AdminerEvo
Mastermind - WinLogic (logical game)
Mastermind - WinLogic (logical game)